👋 Welcome to Runic Labs

Runic Labs is the brain child of Matt Andes whose purpose is to provide help and education to people in the IT field.

One of the goals of Runic Labs is to provide real world like examples and code for IT personnel to learn from. Too often examples found on the internet provide over simplist examples or solutions that you wouldn’t really use at your real job.

We here at Runic Labs wish to provide more complete examples of how to build solutions that will give you better insight into how to approach problems you encounter in your career. This includes having examples that take an automation first approach by using Infastructure as Code principals/tools instead of using the UI like many examples do.

Take a look

Take a look at the various projects we’ve published below or if you prefer head directly over to our GitHub repository where you can find all of code examples.



Twitter Processing with AWS

An example of how to build a pipeline to ingest, analyze, store, and visualize Twitter tweets using AWS.

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